Building A Digital Footprint For Your Business

I was happy to find someone else using the phrase “Your Digital Footprint” to describe something positive a business can build to market themselves instead of a reason to justify paranoia in using social media.

Not only was I relieved to find I wasn’t the only one using the phrase in this manner, but I was extremely impressed with this whole blog post by Mitch Joel of Twist Image.  I also encounter individuals expecting results without a strategy and I think his first step is key.

At Your Digital Footprints, the first thing a new client experiences is a strategy session.  In our strategy session the client should be able to discuss these major topics:

1) What are your company’s goals of social media marketing? 

 For some companies / organizations, the goal is to increase awareness about a topic or event.  For others it’s to use social media marketing as a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) tool, bringing perspective clients to their website.  And for others, it’s to establish credibility and brand awareness for a new company without much history.

2) What value do you expect to bring to your followers? 

People using social media don’t just follow/friend/favorite for the sake of following/friending/favoriting.  There has to be a value to “opting-in”.  Wether the potential target is someone to “like” your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter or follow your blog, they perform this activity – analogous to “opting-in” to your messaging, because of a perceived value you will provide for them.  Some of my clients give value in the form of special deals and discounts.  Others give value to their following with information as a subject matter expert.  In a strategy session, a key question is : Why would I “opt-in” to your messaging?

These first two questions will lead the way down the rest of the strategy session and provide me with the appropriate strategy for each client’s individual messaging needs.

Read Mitch Joel’s blog post about his proposed 8 steps to building your digital footprint here:


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