Twitter Strategies, Including The #FF

A good friend of mine sent this article to me after we engaged in a long discussion of Twitter strategies. Until I get the time and creative energy to compile all of my own Twitter tips, these are great, basic steps to follow:

Twitter #FollowFriday

The #FF phrase helps to get noticed on Twitter

5 Secrets of Highly Effective Twitter Users

By Minda Zetlin

Should you follow everyone who follows you? Which hashtags should you use for your business? And is it a bad idea to start a reply with the @ symbol? Twitter is a killer marketing tool, if you know how to use it.

Read the full article here:




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2 responses to “Twitter Strategies, Including The #FF

  1. Great article with some useful tips. Thanks.

    • Thanks for noticing, Brian. I mean to put together my own strategy, that is a little more advanced, and includes topics like using Hootsuite to schedule messages throughout the day and creating twitter lists, as well as using other lists to identify target profiles to follow. Stay tuned : )

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