LinkedIn Advice That’s Easy To Follow


The following article from the Social Media Examiner gives great tips to taking your LinkedIn efforts to the next level.

I have to admit that even I forget to take these steps on a weekly basis, but I promise you that when I have, I got results!

Read the article here:


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One response to “LinkedIn Advice That’s Easy To Follow

  1. Oh and for all of you asking, I made this post from my Droid walking to my daughter’s school to walk her home after a tough day in the 2nd grade. I quickly added a picture of my laptop at Starbucks that was already on my phone for some extra flair, and bammm! I got my name and my company name associated with keywords like LinkedIn, Social Media, etc… Contact me for individual training on how to invest minimal effort for a maximum reward when it comes to having an online presence for your small business.

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