Brands Getting Great Results With Their Facebook Page Campaigns

Facebook has so many utilities for your business.  This video highlights Facebook campaigns for the brands M&M, Sephora, Pedigree and Levi Strauss.  If you’re a small business, you can implement smaller scale campaigns to boost your brand awareness in the same way.

My favorite quote was from Megan O’Connor, Director of Digital and Social Marketing for Levi Strauss & Co:

 “we found that for a minimal investment, we drove significant traffic, which did result in an increase in sales in our stores”



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2 responses to “Brands Getting Great Results With Their Facebook Page Campaigns

  1. This is what I want my Facebook page to do.

    • Perfect! I can teach you some FBML (Facebook Markup Language) and give you some ideas with contests and incentives. First we need to make your images more compelling and brainstrom some creative ideas to generate a buzz.
      Facebook is a great tool to spread exciting new ideas, but the business needs to come up with the idea first. In these examples from the video, you’ll notice there was a new product, idea or cause to generate excitement i.e. pretzel M&Ms, new Sephora products to engage the community to give feedback, Pedigree donating dog food for every new fan, etc..
      Here’s a good place to get ideas

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