The Quickest Way To Expose Your Event With Social Media

Do you have an event you want the world to know about? Here’s a step by step social media event marketing plan that takes less than an hour per week:

1) Create the event on your events tab in Facebook. 

2) Send a message to all fans of your page to invite their friends.

3) Find other Facebook Pages that would be interested and post your event on their wall.  For example, we posted this family friendly event on 365 Things To Do With Kids In Cleveland and Macaroni Kid Cleveland West

4) Use Hootsuite to schedule Twitter messages about the scheduled events.  I like to send out 3 at a time to really make an impact. Using Hootsuite can save you time by spending an hour writing messages, but sending them out scattered throughout the day, or even week!

Lastly, make sure you follow up and thank people expressing an interest.



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2 responses to “The Quickest Way To Expose Your Event With Social Media

  1. This was so helpful! Just getting started out learning how to promote my wine tastings at a local deli on Facebook. It takes so long to figure this out and don’t want to make mistakes. We should talk. Can you do training over the phone? I’m not in the Cleveland area.

  2. Loved it! This info will definitely help our small business promote events. How big can the images be? I can’t get a 200 x 600 image to show like my Facebook image.

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