Collectors Using Social Media To Track Down Debtors.


Apparently it may be illegal, as we’ll find out while this Florida case unfolds, but I think it’s genius!

With less people paying their creditors due to being over-extended and under-employed, you would think collections should be at an all time high (no fact checking was done for this assumption, so feel free to correct any and all erroneous conclusions).

Personally, I don’t have a home phone, and I think there are many more like me, so what’s a collector to do? FIND YOU ON FACEBOOK.  Another reason to adjust your security settings.

With FourSquare updating Twitter updating Facebook updating LinkedIn, a collection agency should be able to repo that car as if there were a GPS in it!

Fla. Woman: Debt Collector Harassed Me On Facebook:



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2 responses to “Collectors Using Social Media To Track Down Debtors.

  1. Do you think it’s legal? Seems like a breach of privacy.

  2. Esoppyroole

    We’ve been using Twitter and LinkedIn to find some of our debtors. Mostly for updated contact information, but why not use all the resources you can? No law about Googling someone who owes you money to track down a payment.
    Thanks for the post.

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