Blogging for Businesses


The following is a great article with quick and easy Blogging tips. As the new year begins, my own business resolution is to “eat the dog food”. A phrase I’m stealing from Dave Urick of Urick Computer Consulting, a member in our local North Olmsted BNI Chapter, meaning (apparently) to believe in what you sell/provide so much that you are using it, doing it, eating it, etc..

My niche, at Your Digital Footprints, is to focus on teaching the small business owner how to expand their on line presence using social media tools like Google Local (aka Google Maps/Places) Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress. And to be more specific, I like to teach them how to get exposure for their business in an hour a week, and NOT let social media’s sexiness turn into a time vacuum.

However, I have neglected my own blog as I focus on my clients’ goals. No more! Great timing Social Media Examiner.



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2 responses to “Blogging for Businesses

  1. Kyle

    Great post! I’ve been blogging for business and getting great results. People think blogs are just for celebrities or self-indulgent people who want to keep an on-line journal about their insignificant life to make themselves feel better, but more and more I see companies emerging as leaders in the “blogosphere”

    • When I told you I needed a website for my fliers and business cards, and you told me you could make me a blog that listed all my landscaping services, I figured you were nuts. But honestly – for only $350, it wasn’t much to loose.
      Well it’s exactly what I needed. Just a place for people to see my contact info and my work and give my small business some credibility.
      Thank you – and I’m excited to start using Facebook to market my business as well.

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