Facebook Updates To Your Fans

Do you manage a Facebook Page for your business? Would you like to create some momentum with a  Facebook campaign but don’t want to invest YellowPages prices to run a contest through a Facebook Application?

A great way to send your Facebook fans a promotion or a discount is to go to “Edit Page/Marketing/Updates”. 

Your Fans will get an “update” under their “messages” feature in their Facebook Profile. 

Facebook Page Updates come in to a special updates inbox under your Facebook messages. Just view "all messages" from anywhere in Facebook.

For Weber Automotive of North Olmsted, we’re making sure fans know where to look for their special promotions, and now we’ll start sending them on a regular basis to encourage more traffic and fans.

Give it a try – make sure you’re using your other networks to get the word out (like Twitter, LinkedIn, and an email campaign) and have fun!  Happy updating : )



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2 responses to “Facebook Updates To Your Fans

  1. I am an expert at home inspections, mold inspections and everything Put-In-Bay, but I know nothing about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. The way you set up my accounts and explained how to use them in an hour a week or less to get results was awesome! Last month was the first month we were on Facebook and there were over 500 visits to the page! The phone isn’t ringing off the hook because people “found us on Facebook”, but it looks good, makes me proud to tell someone to check us out on Facebook and I’m excited to get the follow us on Facebook logo on our business cards and other promotional material.
    Thank you!

  2. This is a great idea. Since you’ve been sending out the updates on our Facebook Page, we’ve gotten 5 more fans – not amazing, but they’re all quality, local fans, and they’re coming to the page because we’re talking about the discount they’ll get in their “updates”.
    I have faith with consistent messaging we’ll see an even bigger increase. I know of 2 customers already that were referrals because of our Facebook activity, and we’re not spending more than an hour a week on there.
    Thanks for setting it up and for your ongoing advice!

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