Social Media – What 78% of Executives Are Saying

According to a recent study 78% of executives thought a social business strategy was important to their future success, however most do not feel they are “ahead of the curve”.

Surprisingly only 19% are addressing the issue in their 2011 marketing plan. What’s this mean for your business? It’s not too late to be ahead of the curve!

If your business hasn’t included a social media campaign in their marketing plan, start out with the big three:

1) Facebook Page – this is NOT an individual profile, it is a page for your business and has different features.

2) Twitter – it’s simple to integrate Facebook to Twitter so your Facebook posts will bring in some Twitter traffic to your page.

3) LinkedIn – once you integrate Twitter with LinkedIn, all your Facebook posts and tweets will update your LinkedIn status keeping your business connections up to date on your business’ message.

Read the entire study here:


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