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Facebook is Not a “Set it and Forget it” Tool

 If you haven’t updated your Privacy Settings since you created a Facebook Profile, you may be caught with your pants down exposing yourself to Facebook’s “everyone” and relying on the always changing  Facebook “default”.   Do yourself a favor and customize your Facebook Privacy Settings.
How To Update Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Customize Your Facebook Privacy Settings


Most of us assume Facebook is like the stove clock – you set it, it’s right, and as long as the power doesn’t go off, you don’t mess with it until Daylight Savings time.  Not the case! 

Facebook is frequently changing their default settings to enhance customer experience and encourage maximum social networking.  Do yourself a favor and customize your settings right now: 

How To Customize Your Facebook Privacy Settings
Use “Customize” To Control Your Privacy Settings on Facebook

This recent article outlines is just another among a string of Facebook default changes.  Keeping your Privacy Settings “Customized” will keep you from being caught up in Facebook changes.  Did I mention you should do yourself a favor and customize your Facebook Privacy Settings?  You should. 

“A few days ago, Facebook made what seemed to be a small tweak to its Friend Requests area. As first noted by Inside Facebook, the social network changed the way friend rejections work…..”



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