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Social Media – What 78% of Executives Are Saying

According to a recent study 78% of executives thought a social business strategy was important to their future success, however most do not feel they are “ahead of the curve”.

Surprisingly only 19% are addressing the issue in their 2011 marketing plan. What’s this mean for your business? It’s not too late to be ahead of the curve!

If your business hasn’t included a social media campaign in their marketing plan, start out with the big three:

1) Facebook Page – this is NOT an individual profile, it is a page for your business and has different features.

2) Twitter – it’s simple to integrate Facebook to Twitter so your Facebook posts will bring in some Twitter traffic to your page.

3) LinkedIn – once you integrate Twitter with LinkedIn, all your Facebook posts and tweets will update your LinkedIn status keeping your business connections up to date on your business’ message.

Read the entire study here:



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Facebook Updates To Your Fans

Do you manage a Facebook Page for your business? Would you like to create some momentum with a  Facebook campaign but don’t want to invest YellowPages prices to run a contest through a Facebook Application?

A great way to send your Facebook fans a promotion or a discount is to go to “Edit Page/Marketing/Updates”. 

Your Fans will get an “update” under their “messages” feature in their Facebook Profile. 

Facebook Page Updates come in to a special updates inbox under your Facebook messages. Just view "all messages" from anywhere in Facebook.

For Weber Automotive of North Olmsted, we’re making sure fans know where to look for their special promotions, and now we’ll start sending them on a regular basis to encourage more traffic and fans.

Give it a try – make sure you’re using your other networks to get the word out (like Twitter, LinkedIn, and an email campaign) and have fun!  Happy updating : )


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The Quickest Way To Expose Your Event With Social Media

Do you have an event you want the world to know about? Here’s a step by step social media event marketing plan that takes less than an hour per week:

1) Create the event on your events tab in Facebook. 

2) Send a message to all fans of your page to invite their friends.

3) Find other Facebook Pages that would be interested and post your event on their wall.  For example, we posted this family friendly event on 365 Things To Do With Kids In Cleveland and Macaroni Kid Cleveland West

4) Use Hootsuite to schedule Twitter messages about the scheduled events.  I like to send out 3 at a time to really make an impact. Using Hootsuite can save you time by spending an hour writing messages, but sending them out scattered throughout the day, or even week!

Lastly, make sure you follow up and thank people expressing an interest.


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YouTube Video #1; Making Your Facebook Page Stand Out

I did it! I got a client that is ready to use YouTube in order to promote his business.  Finally a client that’s ready to experiment.  Now I have no excuse not to start educating myself on using YouTube and how easy it can be.

I took 4 1/2 minutes to shoot a brief video from my Droid Incredible about a simple tip to help small business owners make their Facebook Page look more professional and stand out among their competition.  It took me another 15 minutes to upload it with the YouTube application on my phone, and 10 minutes to assign the appropriate tags and summary to maximize on an effective keyword strategy.

Now, I’m not saying this is the most professional YouTube video, and I’m assuming my client will have somebody else shooting the video for him.  Plus I doubt he’ll be sitting in his kitchen as I was (AKA my home office).

The point is #1) Make Your Facebook Page Stand Out : Use a profile picture that is 200 pixels wide and 600 pixels in height.  This gives your company four times as much space in search results, which is a huge advantage over your competition.

and #2) You too can start using YouTube to promote your small business with a minimal time investment.  Give me another week, and I’ll be an expert!  Contact Your Digital Footprints to learn YouTube made simple.  Expanding your online presence doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming.


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Brands Getting Great Results With Their Facebook Page Campaigns

Facebook has so many utilities for your business.  This video highlights Facebook campaigns for the brands M&M, Sephora, Pedigree and Levi Strauss.  If you’re a small business, you can implement smaller scale campaigns to boost your brand awareness in the same way.

My favorite quote was from Megan O’Connor, Director of Digital and Social Marketing for Levi Strauss & Co:

 “we found that for a minimal investment, we drove significant traffic, which did result in an increase in sales in our stores”


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