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Fight the Facebook Temptation – No Cows, No Jewels, No Mafia, No Gifts, No Questions!


Did you get on Facebook to build your business? If you’re like me, you were not even remotely interested in a “social networking” tool until you found out there was a way to build brand awareness and get closer with your customers.

So we decided a Facebook Page was the best option, but we had to create a Facebook Profile in order to make a Facebook Page.  No problem. Getting back in touch with high school, college and old work buddies was an added benefit – maybe pick up a couple of new customers right?

But then, as if it were the too-good-to-be-true, the no-such-thing-as-a-free-lunch caveat, it starts with posts like these that show up on your Facebook Wall:

  • “Help Sara find her cow”
  • “Marshall answered a question about you. Find out what he said”
  • “Cathy wants you to accept this gift in honor of breast cancer awareness. Click here.”
  • “Heather found out she should be a naughty elf for Halloween. Take this quiz to see what you should be”
  • “Help Greg win this round of the Family Feud”

DON’T click! Don’t help find cows or build farms or take quizzes or accept virtual gifts or find out what people said about you. When you do, you have to grant the “app”, or application, access to your Facebook information.  All of it. Regardless of your privacy settings.  The article below covers how this is a major breach of privacy policies, but it still happens.

Instead, hover over the top right corner of this intrusive message on your Facebook wall until “remove” or “block” is an option. Then elect to “block all messages from application”.

Read the Wall Street Journals article regarding apps and Facebook privacy concerns here:


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YouTube Video #1; Making Your Facebook Page Stand Out

I did it! I got a client that is ready to use YouTube in order to promote his business.  Finally a client that’s ready to experiment.  Now I have no excuse not to start educating myself on using YouTube and how easy it can be.

I took 4 1/2 minutes to shoot a brief video from my Droid Incredible about a simple tip to help small business owners make their Facebook Page look more professional and stand out among their competition.  It took me another 15 minutes to upload it with the YouTube application on my phone, and 10 minutes to assign the appropriate tags and summary to maximize on an effective keyword strategy.

Now, I’m not saying this is the most professional YouTube video, and I’m assuming my client will have somebody else shooting the video for him.  Plus I doubt he’ll be sitting in his kitchen as I was (AKA my home office).

The point is #1) Make Your Facebook Page Stand Out : Use a profile picture that is 200 pixels wide and 600 pixels in height.  This gives your company four times as much space in search results, which is a huge advantage over your competition.

and #2) You too can start using YouTube to promote your small business with a minimal time investment.  Give me another week, and I’ll be an expert!  Contact Your Digital Footprints to learn YouTube made simple.  Expanding your online presence doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming.


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Results – Google Places / Google Maps

Social Media Marketing by Your Digital FootprintsAt Your Digital Footprints we see results of social media marketing on a regular basis. However, the first question every small business owner asks when considering the use of social media to market their product or service continues to be “what results can I expect?”

So I’ve decided to start a category dedicated to results.  Our first post on this topic will be the most recent success story for one of our clients, Ken-Mar Tax in North Olmsted, Ohio.

Ken Weinberg, an enrolled agent and tax reduction specialist for the self-employed, received a call from a new client this week because they found him on a Google search when entering the phrase “enrolled agent” near North Ridgeville, Ohio.

Before Ken had a session with me, he had no Facebook page, no Twitter account, and no representation on Google Places.  By the end of our session we had set him up with all three and it was the free Google Places account that got him noticed!.

See Ken-Mar Tax’s Google Places Location

See Ken-Mar Tax’s Facebook Page

Follow Ken-Mar Tax on Twitter

The above three links show you what $175 and a 2 hour, 30 minute investment of time bought Ken-Mar Tax.  When I left his office, we had set up his Facebook page and he was comfortable using it.  We also set up his Twitter account and integrated it with his LinkedIn account and Facebook Page in order to allow one Facebook post to go out to Twitter and LinkedIn without any additional effort.  And lastly, we set up his Google Places identity – with pictures, keywords and started him off with a review.

If you are looking for an individual training session to do the same, contact Your Digital Footprints to set up your session.


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Making Blog Posts On The Beach From Your Cell Phone


One of the best ways for a small business or start-up to expand their online presence is by starting a blog. 

After setting up, designing and making posts for 3 different blogs, I can attest to the ease of managing a blog. 

Imagine laying on the beach and making a post from your cell phone. It’s a reality and I can teach you how.

Contact Your Digital Footprints to either outsource your company’s social media efforts or learn how to manage your own social media campaigns.  Training topics can include Facebook Pages for your business, Twitter, WordPress Blog and LinkedIn.


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